Scholarship for Horry County High School Seniors

Order Sons & Daughters of Italy in America (OSDIA), Myrtle Beach Chapter 2662

 Announces $2,500 College Scholarship Program


The Order Sons & Daughters of Italy in American (OSDIA), Myrtle Beach Chapter 2662, is pleased to announce our 2022 college scholarship opportunity.  (Letter to High Schools The Myrtle Beach OSDIA Lodge has been awarding an academic scholarship to an Horry County high school senior since 2012.  Our scholarship award in the past was $1500.00.  Since then, textbooks and fees have increased by 73%.  To help students take a thoughtful approach to their selection process and help pay for a college education, the Myrtle Beach OSDIA Lodge is now awarding a $2,500 scholarship.

We are honored to announce this scholarship, which supports the mission and vision of the Order Sons and Daughters of Italy in America.  The $2,500 scholarship is open to students of Italian American descent (at least one Italian or Italian-American parent or grandparent) who attend a nationally accredited high school in Horry County, South Carolina, and will be awarded based on the student’s essay, academic achievement, and recommendations.

Students applying for this scholarship will be required to provide the following materials to the OSDIA Scholarship Committee Chairperson:

1) their most current unofficial high school transcript,

2) the signed and dated application form, (download from this link)

3) the essay (on the application form),

3) and two (2) recommendations. (Download Instructions for letters of recomendations.)

The applicants must have a B (3.0/4.0 scale) grade point average over the first six semesters of high school (grades 9-11).  The student chosen for this scholarship will need to forward an official transcript to the OSDIA Scholarship Committee Chairperson, Dr. Ellen Kelpsh.

The application process opens on 2/25/2022 and concludes 5/30.2022.  The award winner will be announced no later than 6/15/2022.

The link to the “live” scholarship application site for students is here:

All hard copy application materials, including the application, recommendation form and the letter to high schools, are available as PDF documents on this web page.  All are printable and can be scanned and emailed, or sent to me via postal mail.

The full scholarship amount of $2,500 will be sent directly to the accredited community college, accredited technical college, or accredited college/university of the student’s choice (public or private) where they will show proof of enrollment, only after completing the 1st semester of classes.  Scholarship money can be used for tuition, fees, books, and other college-related expenses, and should be treated as a scholarship of additional funds for the student, NOT simply to “replace” other college funds given in the financial aid package from the college.

There will be an official scholarship award presentation at the OSDIA Myrtle Beach Lodge 2662 (date to be determined), and we request the student and family members attend this celebration of the student’s hard work and perseverance.

If you have any questions or if I may be of assistance with scholarship questions on behalf of the OSDIA Myrtle Beach Chapter 2662, please feel free to contact me at this email

Thank you in advance for helping to promote this scholarship opportunity for our young leaders of tomorrow.


Dr. Patricia Kolencik, Scholarship Committee Chairperson

OSIA Myrtle Beach Lodge #2662

7957 Moss Creek Road

Myrtle Beach, SC  29588