Save Columbus Day!

As you may probably know, there has been an effort to replace Columbus Day with an Indigenous Prople Day.   As sons and daughters of Italian heritage, we do not want this to happen!   Our President, Tom Spada, received this letter from the OSIA Commission for Social Justice and follow the link to sign a petition to influence this decision.


Brothers and Sisters,

As you are aware the LA City Council is preparing to take a vote this month (August) to eliminate Columbus Day and establish Indigenous People’s Day. I would like to encourage all of you to send a letter or email, or make a phone call in support of Columbus Day. Remember OSIA is not opposed to an Indigenous People’s Day, just not on Columbus Day. You may want to suggest establishing Indigenous People’s Day on the Friday after Thanksgiving. I cannot stress how important it is that everyone get involved. Let’s keep Columbus Day in LA!

Thank you for your continued support.

Kevin A. Caira,
President, Commission for Social Justice

Click here to Sign the Petition to Save Columbus Day in LA