Candidates for 2022

Nominations concluded at the member regular monthly meeting in January.  The following people ran unopposed and therefore, were elected to the office for which each person ran.

Vice President – Paula Bodwell

Financial Secretary – Bill Rohan

Treasurer – Camille Marshall

Master of Ceremony – Lou Brooks

Mistress of Ceremony  – Anita Brooks

Guard – Dennis Salerno


The election of the folling positions will take place on Sunday, February 13th from noon to 3:

President – Bob Paniccia, Lola Tornabene

Recording Secretary – Karen Crisalli, Holly DiFrancisco

Orator – Betty Hubion, Tyler Silvestro

Trustee (6 to be elected)  – Bill Abels, Frank Baldari, Maureen Cahill, Pat Carbanaro, Phyllis Dominick, Kay Graham, Neil Longobardi, Louise Marsalisi, Debbie Martinez, Kathy Oberempt, Gina Tierney

Arbitration Commission (5 to be elected as well as 5 alternates) – Art Camera, John Giannantoni, Rich Lee, Christine McGinn, Jeannette McGuire, Mark Pastena, Elise Santoro, Ellen Vigilanti, Gus Vitali, Lucia Watson